Green Level

Lesson Five

The Future Passive

Subject + will be + past participle

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Passive Voice

I will be paid next week.

(The past participle for "pay" is "paid.")

pay / paid / paid

English teacher

You will be given a reading assignment in English.

(The past participle for "give" is "given.")

give / gave / given


He will be given a ride to Scotland if he waits long enough for someone to pick him up.

man hitchhiking

She will be asked to stay late if she doesn't finish her work before 5:00.

A new shopping center will be built where this farm stands now.
We will be asked to show our identification by a security officer.

student    English teacher

You and I = We

You will be taught some interesting new things in class next week.
They will be served by this waitress.


This tense is usually used with a contraction:


I'll be paid
We'll be paid
You'll be paid
You'll be paid
He'll be paid
She'll be paid
They'll be paid
It'll be paid

The main verb is "pay"

pay / paid / paid

Click here to practice the use of the passive voice. This exercise uses the present, past, and future tenses.


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