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Lesson Seven

(be) supposed to _____

Idiomatic and passive, "be supposed to" shows expectation.

Someone expects you to do something in the present or the future:

I'm supposed to go
We're supposed to go
You're supposed to go
You're supposed to go
He's supposed to go
She's supposed to go

They're supposed to go

It's supposed to go

Change the verb "be" to "was" or "were" to say that someone expected you to do something in the past:

I was supposed to go
We were supposed to go
You were supposed to go
You were supposed to go
He was supposed to go
She was supposed to go

They were supposed to go

It was supposed to go


"(be) supposed to" can only be used with the present and past tense forms of the verb "be." The verb "be" indicates the tense.

Watch this video:



Only bicyclists are supposed to use this bike path.
people on bikes
He was supposed to be at a business meeting at 2:00. It's now 2:15 and he's calling to say that he'll be late.
My son is supposed to keep this bird feeder full of food.
bird feeder
While watching a movie in a movie theater, movie goers are supposed to keep quiet.
people talking
A doctor will tell you that you're supposed to exercise if you want to stay healthy.
man exercising

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