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 Idioms A

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about time = finally.

It's about time they got married. They've been living together for five years.

young couple

 (be) about to = almost, soon

He's just about to blow out the candles on his birthday cake.

 after all = after everything that happened / despite the facts

This was an expensive car, but I decided to buy it after all.

 all of a sudden = something happens quickly.

All of a sudden, the boy slipped while riding on his skateboard.

 as if = similar; something has a similar quality.

His headache was so bad it felt as if his head was in a vise.


 as soon as = after something happens; immediately after

 Nguyen started to eat his food as soon as it was served to him.


 as well as = and

 She's strong as well as beautiful.


at least = to the smallest degree.

 Jim forgot it was his wife's birthday last week. At least he gave her some flowers the next day.




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