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 Advice from Teacher Paul: Write your answers by hand when completing quizzes and exercises.

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casee  new


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This website is a free resource for schools or for individual students who want to study English. There are seven levels of instruction: blue, red,  yellow green,  purple orange,  and violet. LearnAmericanEnglishOnline.com has been providing free English language instruction since 2003.

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 July 2015:  The Blue Level is for

beginning level students

Here are your lessons for this week:

After you finish the Blue Level, move on to the Red Level. arrow down

The Red Level is for

beginning level students who have completed the Blue Level

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The Red Level is followed by the Yellow Level. arrow down

 The Yellow Level is for

Basic and Intermediate English

After the Yellow Level, move to the Green Level. arrow down

 The Green Level is for

intermediate level students

The Purple Level is for students who know basic grammar and what to focus on important verbs in English. arrow down

  The Purple Level is for

intermediate level students

The Orange Level is for students who want to learn how to form sentences and questions. arrow down

 The Orange Level is for

intermediate / advanced students

The Violet Level is the seventh and final level! arrow down

 The Violet Level is for

intermediate / advanced students

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If you finish all seven levels of instruction on this website, you may download a....

Certificate of Completion


English is a hard language to learn, but you can improve your English through hard work and dedication.


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guy  new 7 / 28


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Marcelo is from Mexico.


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