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Jim and Darryl work together. (Read, listen, and practice speaking.)


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 This free website has helped students worldwide improve English grammar and vocabulary skills since 2003. There are seven levels of instruction: blue, red,  yellow green,  purple, orange, and violet. Bookmark this page now and come back every day.


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July 2019:  The Blue Level (1) is for

beginning level students

If you are a new student, start in the Blue Level.

After you finish the Blue Level, move forward to the Red Level.

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July 2019:  The Red Level (2) is for

beginning level students

After the Blue Level, move to the Red Level.

My students are working in the Yellow Level this month: arrow down

July 2019  The Yellow Level (3) is for

intermediate level students


Intermediate / Advanced Levels:

July 2019  The Green Level (4) is for

intermediate / advanced level students

In this level, you will learn to use the passive voice.


July 2019  The Purple Level (5) is for

intermediate / advanced level students

Learn about the most important verbs in English.


July 2019  The Orange Level (6) is for

intermediate / advanced level students

Learn to create sentences in this level.


July 2019  The Violet Level (7) is for

intermediate / advanced level students

Learn to use transition words and phrases in this level.


participial phrases  -  7 / 6 / 2019  new






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