airhead: a person who is a little stupid or unable to concentrate.

I’m such an airhead today. I forgot to bring my lunch to work.

a.k.a.: also known as  (pronounce each letter: a – k – a). Used for someone or something with two names.

His name is James Bond–a.k.a. Agent 007

(007 = double O 7)

all about ___: This recently became popular. Use it before an interest or something that you desire.

He’s all about his job these days. He never stops talking about what he does at work.

all-out: used as an adjective to mean a person or a group works very hard at something.

The employees at that company are making an all-out effort to survive the recession.

artsy or artsy-fartsy: A person or thing that tries too hard to show off artistic qualities.

There were all these artsy-fartsy people at the party, so we left.

asap (ASAP) = as soon as possible

I have to get this letter mailed asap.

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Attention: Some slang is inappropriate in certain situations such as at work or in school.