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A16 Everything Something Anything Nothing

Lesson Sixteen

everything  something

anything  nothing

(indefinite pronouns for things)


Indefinite pronouns for things are always singular. It doesn’t matter how many things are in a group, use a singular verb if any of these pronouns is the subject in a sentence.

everything = all

  • Everything they sell is locally grown.
  • Everything looks great.
  • Was everything okay?

Everything is fresh.

something = one thing in particular or one thing that is not identified by name

  • I need something to eat.
  • This sign says something in German.
  • He wants to tell you something. I know what it is, but I can’t tell you.


I want something good to eat.

anything = limitless possibility

  • You can find just about anything you need in Paris.
  • Anything is available.
  • If you want anything, just tell me what it is.
nothing = zero or a very small amount
  • There’s nothing here.
  • I see nothing.


Everything: This is used for general situations and for more than one thing.

  • Everything costs too much at that store.
  • Do you have everything?
  • Tell me everything that happened last night.

Something: This is used for one thing. Also, the main verb should be affirmative.

  • I want to tell you something.
  • Something is wrong with my car.
  • She has something that she wants to say.

Anything: This is used for questions and with negative verbs.

  • He doesn’t want anything to eat.
  • Is there anything that you need?
  • They’ll do anything you ask them to do.

Nothing: This is used to describe the absence of a thing. It’s also used when exaggerating a small amount.

  • They have nothing to eat.
  • I want nothing to do with this situation.
  • Nothing is wrong.

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Aqua Level Exercise 16

Write these sentences and questions in your notebook. Fill in the blanks with….

everything      something    anything  nothing  

1. The store didn’t have what she needed, so she bought __________.

2. There isn’t __________ to do at the park.

3. This book has __________ you need to know about fixing a car.

4. __________ he has said is true. He isn’t lying.

5. __________ I have done works. I’ve failed.

6. She has __________ that she wants to say.

7. He had ___________ going for him at work, but then he quit his job.

8. I haven’t done __________ all day.

9. Is ___________ wrong?

10. They spent hours looking the missing cell phone but found __________.

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Answers: 1. nothing; 2. anything; 3. everything; 4. Everything; 5. Nothing; 6. something; 7. everything; 8. anything; 9. anything or something; 10. nothing

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