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Tonight children will go door-to-door in their neighborhoods to ask for candy. They’ll say "trick or treat," and then residents of the homes they visit will give them candy. This is a fun tradition in the United States. Children love Halloween.

The word of the day is "wimp." This is kind of a slang word in English. You should definitely learn what it means.


Did you receive the email that I sent out yesterday? If not, make sure that you sign up for emailed lessons, quizzes, and updates on the home page.

When you want to change something back to its original state, you undo the thing that you changed. This is the word of the day.

How do you keep a conversation going once it has started? I created this handout to use with my regular classroom students, but anyone can use it.

While visiting Chicago last weekend, I stopped in at a middle eastern restaurant for a falafel and some yummy, creamy humus and pita bread. We have restaurants like this where I live, but they aren’t as good.

By the way, what is this thing called that has the meat on it?

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump keeps using the word "rigged" when talking about the U.S. election system, so I thought this would be a good choice for the word of the day.

The word of the day is "term." This word can be used for agreements, periods of time, and when explaining the meanings of words.

I’m on the road this weekend collecting material (photos and video) for the website. Today I’m traveling through the midwestern states of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. Fall is a beautiful time to drive through this part of the country because the leaves on the trees are in the midst of changing colors before they drop.

The word of the day is "rank."

If you are a new student on this site, I recommend that you do the reading and listening exercises in addition to the lessons.

The word of the day is "quarter."

The word of the day is "prey."

Predator or prey?

Today’s word of the day is "ongoing." When something is ongoing, it’s continuing and it might be happening right now.

  • Ongoing wars in the Middle East have displaced millions of people.
  • There are ongoing concerns among Republicans about the outcome of the U.S. election.
  • Climate change is an ongoing problem that may not be solved during our lifetime.

Here are the answers for today’s Word of the Day quiz:

Answers: 1. laugh; 2. lousy; 3. lift; 4. leak; 5. load; 6. lease; 7. loot; 8. lick; 9. lane; 10. land; 11. link; 12. live; 13. labor; 14. loaf; 15. list; 16. leap; 17. label; 18. left; 19. laundry; 20. liquid

Students in class yesterday asked me about the verb "get" and why it was so confusing. It’s used as a main verb, but it’s also used in a lot of verb phrases, and you can use it to form the passive voice. That’s why I put together a new YouTube playlist for the verb "get."

The word of the day is "mingle."

I’ve added a new set of questions to the Conversation Questions section. My Saturday morning class will be using them today to practice their conversation skills. The topic is traveling.

This new video features words that begin with the letter L.


The word of the day is "lurk."

The word of the day is "jury."

The word of the day is "indoor."

Today’s Blue Level lesson on prepositions might be useful for everyone who is studying English. It takes years to learn how to choose the correct preposition.

The word of the day is "ideal."

The word of the day is "hustle."

There are two new additions to the Word of the Day page: furious and gust.

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating this page as much as I used to. Other projects I’m working on have taken time away from the blog.

There’s a new video on YouTube that explains how to make oatmeal cookies. My intention here is to help students develop vocabulary skills, and if they can also make good cookies as a result, that’s icing on the cake:


The word of the day is "evidence."

The word of the day is "conclude." When something concludes, it finishes, or a person forms a final opinion about something.


Today’s word of the day is "bid."

This quiz matches the video that I made a few days ago: All of these words begin with the letter K.

Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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