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This video might be helpful if you are having trouble talking about past activities:

Phones have changed a lot since they were first invented. There are many differences in the way we talk about phones and use them. Click here to see some of the differences.

Here’s a new video for the adverb "mostly."


If you do any sort of activity to excess, you might be overdoing it. This is a good word to use to describe people who try hard to make a good impression, or else they believe that they have to work harder than everyone else at something, but the results are not positive. Don’t overdo it!

He’s been overdoing it at work lately.

The word of the day is "night."

The skies will be mostly sunny today. It’s going to be a beautiful day!

Here’s a video I made today for the verb phrase "go away."


Use the word "location" when talking about a place, especially when the choice of the place is really important.


Here’s a new quiz for the present perfect tense. Sorry, I forgot to post this after I made it. Whoops!

When something is available immediately, it’s ready in an instant. You can get whatever you want instantly in the United States.

Fast food is ready in an instant.

The word "away" is good to know how to use as an adjective or as an adverb. As an adverb, it goes with many, many different verbs to form verb phrases. This video introduces you to the word "away." I will make other videos in the near future that get into more detail on this important word.


A really common word in English is "hit." There are many different ways to use it, so it’s worth taking a look at the examples provided on the vocabulary page.

He’s going to hit the surf today!

(He’s going to go surfing.)

Gates are used as a way of controlling the flow of movement of people, or they provide some security for a restricted area. The word of the day is "gate."


There’s a new quiz for the Purple Level: want or need.

This new video comes in response to a request:


The word of the day is "flap." This word is used when describing the movement of birds as they fly.

The word "ear" represents basic vocabulary in English, but there are certain ways in which the word is used that you should know. There are also many popular expressions that include the word "ear." This is the word of the day.

When I was a boy, I spent a lot of time fishing or swimming off of the end of a dock during the summer. Those were good times!

Today’s word of the day is "curious." A person who is curious wants to learn more about things that are interesting. Are you a curious person? What are you curious about?

Are you brave? A person who is brave willingly does things that are dangerous or may cause some type of physical, mental, or emotional harm.

We also use the word "brave" when talking about Native American warriors. In some tribes, male warriors are referred to as braves.

Are you awake? This is kind of a funny question because someone will ask you this if they call you in the morning. You are obviously awake because you answer the phone. Learn more about the word "awake" here.

Is he awake, or is he sleeping?

Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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