Transcript for A Trip to the Farmers Market:

Paul: Minneapolis has a great farmers market that I like to go to on the weekend. Prices are really good on all kinds of fresh fruit and vegetables. Here’s a video I made of a recent trip.

(man singing his version of My Girl and playing guitar. People walking through the market. Food. Flowers. Signs. Vendors.)

Farmer: My name’s Sharnay and I’m a farmer here. and I’ve been selling vegetables here–my grandparents have been here since ‘82–I was born in ‘84 so I pretty much grew up on the farm and in the city, and my farm’s in Hammond, Wisconsin. I grow all naturally so I don’t use any chemicals and no fertilizer and we pick at night and in the mornings, so I’m the latest bird here. I get here probably around 8:00 is my earliest time.

Paul: And where’s your family from originally?

Farmer: My parents are from Laos. They were refugees from the war, (thank-you) and I was born here. There’s six kids total. I’m the oldest son, but I’m the second oldest. My sister’s older than me.

Paul: How’s business been?

Farmer: Business has been…it’s been alright. This year is the worst year. It’s like…my cucumbers–I just had them, and… I was supposed to be here by Mother’s Day already but I was here later like a month or so, but it was too wet at the beginning of the year… now it’s too dry, and my peppers are not flowering yet and overall (a dollar a bunch for the cilantro) and overall my field corn–it’s shorter than me (thank-you) and I don’t think I’m going to get it this year, and I have a lot of different types of vegetables if you have any questions just ask.

Paul: Okay. Thank-you very much.

Farmer: Thank-you.

(People walking and eating. Metal sculptures.)

Paul: What are you making there?

Worker: Kettle corn. We got samples there if you’d lke to try some.

Paul: Hey. How are you doing?

Worker 2: Very good. How about yourself, sir?

Paul: Good. How’s business today?

Worker 2. Fantastic. It’s always a great day to be here at the market.

(Man playing My Girl on the guitar. Fade out.)