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The word of the day is...



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Here's a new video for adjective clauses in English:



The word of the day is "scam." A scam is something that can get you into trouble and cause you to lose money. There are a lot of scams out there. Be careful!


Most American cities have a Main Street. That's the street everyone goes to when they shop or eat. It's the street that you drive or walk through when visiting a small town. There's nothing more American than Main Street. The word of the day is "main."

main street

Main Street


The word of the day is "destroy." This is a useful word that you can use when something is ruined or removed through natural or human activity.

There's a new video for the adjectives "some" and "any."


The word of the day is "here."

Tomorrow is Mother's Day. This is a busy weekend in the United States. Many people go out to eat to celebrate the holiday. There are also large celebrations and fund raisers held on Mother's Day. The word of the day is "mother."

mother and son

mother / mom / mama / ma

If you ever want someone to be quiet, just use the word "hush."


Hush! He's asleep!

Today's word of the day is "second." You might be surprised to see how many different ways there are to use this word.

What's the first thing you do every day? If you said the first you do is practice your English online, that's a very good way to start the day. There are other things that people do first.

  • First thing in the morning I make coffee.
  • Upon waking up, some people take a shower first and then they get dressed.
  • If you have children, you might have to take care of them first before you take care of your own needs.

The word of the day is "first."

The word of the day is "entire." Can you eat an entire pizza?


The word of the day is "door."

revolving door

The word of the day is "cancel." When a person cancels something, he or she puts an end to it.

camping in the rain

We had to cancel what remained of our camping trip because of heavy rain.

The word of the day is "behave."

Here's a new video for tag questions in the past tense:


This video might make it easier to complete the quiz I posted a few days ago.

The word of the day is "nugget."

Here's a new quiz for tag questions in the past tense.

Here's a new Orange Level quiz for tag questions.

The word of the day is "inform."

There's a new video for tag questions now uploading. Check out my channel later today.

The word of the day is "cycle."


New video: 50 words that begin with the letter W

This quiz matches the video.

You can find the answers on this page.

The word of the day is "toast."


I get a lot of email. On some days there are over a hundred new emails, and most of them are from students. I mention this because I feel some guilt for not being able to respond to all of the email I receive. Upon waking up this morning, I checked the inbox and saw a lot of email from students who are hoping for a response. I'll answer as many as possible, but I have other obligations and responsibilities during the day, so if you please try to understand that if I don't get back to you with some sort of a response. Thanks!

The word of the day is "wrist."

Today's word of the day is "slam."


Test your vocabulary skills with Words That Rhyme with Trump.


Here's a new quiz for you to try. It's for the "be going to" future tense. You may print out a PDF if you don't want to write the answers in your notebook, but remember that I encourage students to write answers out completely by hand whenever possible. I think writing is a good approach to learning something new.

The word of the day is "ready."

Blue Level Lesson Ten is on articles. This is an important lesson for many students who have trouble using "a," "an," and "the."

The word of the day is "most."

How are you doing with the website? Are you coming here to practice your English every day? Are you following some type of a routine or a schedule?

Try to spend at least 30 minutes to an hour every day on the website. You'll notice the home page lists lessons in the Blue and Red Levels. These lessons represent basic English that you need to understand in order to continue through the Yellow, Green, Purple, Orange, and Violet levels. You'll also notice many other sections of the website that may help you with particular skills related to speaking, vocabulary, writing, and conversation. There are over 4000 pages here, so it's quite enough to keep you busy.

You can read more of my advice for how to use this website by clicking here: How to Learn English.

The word of the day is "expand."

expanding city

The population of the United States continues to expand.

The word of the day is "dot."

I sent out a new email lesson this morning. Did you get it? If not, make sure you sign up for free emailed lessons on the home page. It's all free!

Here's a new video for the preposition "within."


The word of the day is "affection." To have an affection for a person or a thing means that you like it.

woman kissing

She shows her affection for people she loves.

There's a new Word of the Day quiz for March 2018.

Here are two more vocabulary words for our online dictionary:



You have probably noticed the development of a pattern here.

The word of the day is "bobble."

As this week comes to a close, students should take a look at the reviews for each level. If you did well on the lessons for the level you were working on this month, you should do well on the review, and then you will be ready to take a test.

Here are the level reviews for the beginning and intermediate levels:

Blue Level Review

Red Level Review

Yellow Level Review

Green Level Review

Purple Level Review


The word of the day is "wobble." If something wobbles, it might fall over or feel as though it is a little shaky.


A three-legged chair can be a little wobbly, especially if a person stands on it. NOT a good idea!

The word of the day is "vice." There are many different ways to use this word.

A vice can be a tool that holds things together. It can be a bad or dangerous habit. Or the word "vice" is used for a person who has a high position that is just below another position: vice president; vice chancellor; vice principal.

The word of the day is "seep." Water and other liquids seep when they move slowly from one area into another.


Here's another video for forming questions in the present continuous tense.

Lesson Fifteen in the Blue Level is on possessive pronouns. It's helpful to look also at Lesson Fourteen in the Blue Level which is on possessive adjectives.

  • That's his car. (his = possessive adjective)
  • The car is his. (his = possessive pronoun)
  • That's her idea. (her = possessive adjective)
  • That idea is hers. (hers = possessive pronoun)

Do you understand the differences? If not, you should work on both of the lessons linked above.

Here's a new video that shows how to form the present continuous tense in English. This replaces a really old one that I made about ten years ago:


The word of the day is "log." A log is a thick piece of unprocessed wood. Logs are created by cutting down a tree, but they also appear naturally when a tree falls down.

Logging is an important industry in the United States. A person who works in logging is a logger or a lumberjack.

log pile a stack of logs

The word of the day is "grunt." When used as a verb, to grunt is to make a low sound at the the back of your throat to express physical or mental exertion.

  • The man grunted as he swung his hammer down upon the metal spike.

Here's a new lesson for the Yellow Level: more, less, fewer.

The word of the day is "fling."

The word of the day is "eliminate." To eliminate something is to get rid of it. This word is often used when talking competition, problems, and things that people want to kill.

  • Gardeners use weed killer to eliminate weeds in their gardens.


The word of the day is "dive." This word is often used as a verb when people go swimming. You dive into the water.

You can also use "dive" as a noun to describe a place that looks old or unkept. Here's a picture of a hotel in Minneapolis that would fit the description of a dive:


It looks like a dive, but it might be nice inside!

The word of the day is "clench." To clench something is to hold it in your hands or your teeth very tightly. To clench is also to express some type of emotion such as anger, fear, or anxiety through the teeth or the hands.

He clenched his fist.


The word of the day is "weep." This is another word that you can use when a person is crying:

weeping character

He's been weeping all day because he lost his cat.

The word of the day is "vein." There are veins in your body that circulate blood.


Each course level on this website has a checklist. Print out and keep the checklist next to your computer, tablet, or phone and use it to track your progress as you move through the lessons:


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