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B14 Possessive Adjectives

Lesson Fourteen

Possessive Adjectives


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Possessive adjectives show ownership or belonging. They must go somewhere before a noun.

I am a teacher.

You are my student.

You are a student.

I am your teacher.

He is playing a guitar.

It is his guitar.

This is a woman.

Her hair is red.

This is a cat.

It is eating its food.

We are eating our lunch.


(I + you = we)



You are students.

You are in your classroom.

They are children.

They are eating their popsicles.

video: possessive adjectives


in your notebook


1.  I am practicing ___ English.

2.  You are working with _____ teacher

3.  We are doing ______ work.

4.  They are in _______ house.

5.  Open _____ books and turn to the first lesson.

6.  She wants to see ______ father.

7.  It has ______ own food.

8.  ______ name is (your name here).

9.  ______ name is John.

10.  _____ name is Julia.

The answers are below.


Nouns are also used as possessive adjectives:


This is her book. / This is the girl’s book.

That is his car. / That is John’s car.

Where are their coats? /

Where are the children’s coats?

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possessive pronouns

ANSWERS: 1. my; 2. your; 3. our; 4. their; 5. your;

6. her; 7. its; 8. My; 9. His; 10. Her


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