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B24 Have To Part 2

Lesson Twenty-Four, Part 2

making questions with “have to” Present Tense

Do I have to _____
Do we have to ____
Do you have to____
Do you have to ____
Does he have to ____
Does she have to ____
Does it have to ____
Do they have to ____

  • A: What do you have to do today?
  • B: I have to go to work.
  • A: What does she have to do today?
  • B: She has to get some groceries.

It’s very important to notice that the only part of the question that changes is the helping verb when making a question. The main verb and “have to” remain in the simple form.

If you use “have to” when forming a past tense question, you only have to change the helping verb from “do” or “does” to “did.”

Past Tense

Did I have to _____
Did we have to ____
Did you have to____
Did you have to ____
Did he have to ____
Did she have to ____
Did it have to ____
Did they have to ____

  • A: What did you have to do yesterday?
  • B: I had to drive to the airport.
  • What did he have to do at school?
  • He had to take a test.

Here are some examples:



Question: What do you have to do today?



Answer: I have to practice my guitar.


Question: Does Jin have to go shopping today?


Answer: No, she doesn’t. She went shopping yesterday. That’s why she doesn’t have to go shopping today.


Question: What did Yatie have to do today?


Answer: She had to take some pictures with her camera.

After that, she had to email the pictures to her friends.

(Notice that this is in the past tense.)


Directions: Use “have to” and the verb in parentheses ( ____ ) to complete each question in the present tense or the past tense:

1- 5 Present Tense:

1.  _______ you ________ ______ ______ home? (go)

2.  _______ she ________ _______ _______ today? (work)

3. What time ________ they ________ _______ _______ at the party? (be)

4.  _______ I _______ _______ ________ all of this laundry today? (do)

5.  How long _______ he ________ _______ ________ at the hospital? (stay)

6 – 10 Past Tense:

6.  _______ Martha _______ _______ ________ her mother yesterday? (help)

7.  What time ________ they _______ _______ _______ to the airport? (get)

8.  Why _________ this _________ ________ ________ so long? (take)

9.  ________ you _______ _______ ________ to school during the summer? (go)

10. Why _________ Bob _________ _________ _________ to the police? (talk)

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