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B27 Would Like

Lesson Twenty-seven

Would Like


I would like ____
We would like _____
You would like ______
You would like _____
He would like _____
She would like _____
It would like _____
They would like _____


would like = want


The verb “would like” requires an object, a gerund, or an infinitive after it:

  • I would like a bagel. (The word “bagel” is an object.)
  • He’d like a new job. (The word “job” is an object. Notice that the subject and “would” are contracted to form “He’d.” This is very common.)
  • They’d like a new dog. (The word “dog” is an object.)
  • They’d like to get a new dog. (“To get” is an infinitive.)


Most people make a contraction with the subject and “would.”

I would like a burrito = I’d like a burrito.

She would like to make a call. = She’d like to make a call.


Would Like in the Present Tense – Negative

I wouldn’t like _____
We wouldn’t like ____
You wouldn’t like ____
You wouldn’t like ____
He wouldn’t like ____
She wouldn’t like ____
It wouldn’t like ____
They wouldn’t like ____


Remember: You must have an object after “would like.”

You can also use a gerund after “would like.”

  • You wouldn’t like living there. (“Living” is a gerund.)
  • He probably wouldn’t like the food.
  • They wouldn’t like doing that kind of work. (“Doing” is a gerund.)

Note: Using “would like” in the negative is not always an easy thing to do. This expresses an opinion about a person that might not be true.


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Would Like Questions

These questions are made with “would like.”

would like = do want

  • What would you like on your pizza?
  • Would you like to go out tonight?
  • Would they like to go to the park?
  • What time would you like to leave?
  • How many pieces of chicken would you like?


Here are some examples:

  • A: What would she like to do some day?
  • B: She’d like to become a professional photographer
(She’d = She would)

  • A: Would he like to improve his English?
  • B: Yes, he would.  (or…)
  • B: Yes, he would like that very much.

  • A: What would she like to do today?
  • B: She’d like to read some books.


Watch this video:

asking and answering questions with “would like.”



Directions: Fill in the blanks with “would” and “like.”

1- 10 would like

  1. What _______ you _________ to eat?
  2. I ________ _________ a hot dog.
  3. What ________ she ________?
  4. She ________ ________ some french fries.
  5. How _________ you __________ your steak?
  6. I _________ _________ it well done.
  7. They _________ __________ to watch TV.
  8. Your parents __________ _________ that. (negative)
  9. Bob _________ _________ living in California. (negative)
  10. ________ you _________ some ketchup?

(Answers: 1. would….like; 2. would like; 3. would…like; 4. would like; 5. would….like; 6. would like; 7. would like; 8. wouldn’t like; 9. wouldn’t like; 10. Would….like)

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