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B8 Present Continuous 2

Lesson Eight, Part II

Questions in the Present Continuous Tense

(Be) + S + _____ing

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Am I learning?
Are we learning?
Are you learning?
Are you learning?
Is he learning?
Is she learning?
Is it learning?
Are they learning?


Teacher: Are you learning English right now?

Student: Yes, I am.

Teacher: Am I teaching you English right now?

Student: Yes, you are.

Question: Is he washing the window?

Answer: Yes, he is.

Question: Is she winking at you?

Answer: Yes, she is.

Question: Is it snowing?

Answer: Yes, it is.


Question: What are we doing?

Answer: We‘re working together.

Question: What are you doing?

Answer: We’re putting oranges into a basket.


Question: What are they doing?

Answer: They’re working.

What is she doing?

She ____ ____________ an umbrella.

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