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Blue Level Quiz 2 Pronouns 

Blue Level Quiz #2 – Pronouns

Part A.

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct subject pronoun. (10 points)

1. ______ is a student. (a man)

2. ________ are students (a boy and a girl in a photo)

3. Is ______ a good car? (a thing)

4. ________ are at home. (two people you think about)

5. ______ is from Nicaragua. (a woman)

6. ________ are not very good computers. (a group)

7. ______ am at work. (oneself)

8. Is _______ cold today? (the weather)

9. Are _______ members of the website? (people)

10. _____ and I are in the same class. (a woman)

Part B.

Directions: Complete each sentence with the correct object pronoun. (10 points)

1.  John teaches ______ English every day. (you and I)

2.  There’s some mail for _____ in the mailbox. (I)

3.  I like _____ very much. (you–singular or plural)

4.  She works with ______ at that company. (a man)

5.  He likes ________ very much. (a woman)

6.  They like to eat _______ with cream cheese. (a thing)

7.  Sue usually puts _______ in the refrigerator. (things)

8.  Please give it to ________. (I)

9.  They want _______ to work this weekend. (you and I)

10.  I want ________ to do something for me. (you)

Part C.

Write the subject pronouns in the singular and plural.

(5 points each)



Write the object pronouns in the singular and plural


Total: 30 points

Your score: __________

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