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Meeting someone for the first time:
Paul: Hi. My name is Paul.
Mei Yang: Hi. I’m Mei Yang. It’s nice to meet you.
Paul: Nice to meet you too. Do you live around here?
Mei Yang: No. I live in China.
Paul: Really? I hear that’s a beautiful country.
Mei Yang: Yes, it is. I really love it.
Talking about the weather :
Lydumila: Is it raining outside?
Sasa: No, it’s sunny.
Lydumila: Is it going to rain later today?
Sasa: Yes, I think so.
Lydumila: Then let’s see a movie tonight. ("let’s" = let us)
Sasa: That’s a great idea.
Talking about your job:
Angelena: What do you do?
Steve: I’m a businessman. I have my own shop. How about you?
Angelena: I work in a bank.
Steve: How do you like your job?
Angelena: It’s interesting because I meet a lot of different people all day.
Steve: You’re so lucky!
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