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4bBL Exercise



Directions: Write answers to each question in your notebook. Use "want" or "need" when you write your response.  


Question: What do you want?

Answer: I want an orange .


What do you want?

1. _________________________________________.

What does she need?

2. _________________________________________.

What does he need?

3. _________________________________________.

What does John want for lunch?

4. _________________________________________.

How many eggs do you need?

5. _________________________________________.


What kind of a pet do the kids want?

6. _________________________________________.

Do they need any more rain?

7. _________________________________________.

What do I need to hear the news?

8. _________________________________________.

How much money do you need for the movie?

9. _________________________________________.

What does he need?

10. ________________________________________.

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  1. I want some ice cream.
  2. She needs an umbrella.
  3. He needs a nap. (or) He needs some sleep.
  4. He wants a sandwich. (or) He wants a hamburger.
  5. I need two eggs.
  6. They want a dog.
  7. No, they don’t. (or) No, they don’t need any more rain.
  8. You need a radio.
  9. I need ten dollars.
  10. He needs some medicine.

Here’s a tip: It’s a good idea to write out both the question and the anwer in your notebook. You can also draw a picture of each object or person. Writing and drawing will help improve your ability to memorize new words.


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