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1. Name one or two countries you would like to visit. Why are you interested in going there?



2. Do you have the opportunity to do any traveling locally? What are the cities or states that you have visited? What did you see there?



3. How did you travel to the United States? Was it a difficult trip? How long did it take?



4. What is the longest distance that you have ever traveled on foot? Where were you and what was the reason that you walked so far?



5. In the country that you are from, what are the most popular forms of travel? Where do the people of that country like to travel, locally or internationally?




6. What are some thing that a person needs to pack when traveling?




7. Space travel may become possible within our lifetime. Would you be willing to travel to a space station that orbits the planet? Would you go to the moon or Mars if that were ever possible? (A trip to Mars would most likely be a one-way trip.)

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