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A Question For The Teacher

A question for the teacher

(A student asks her teacher a question.)

Camila: Teacher, may I ask you a question?

This is Camila.

Teacher Paul: Sure, go ahead.

This is Teacher Paul.

Camila: What can I do to improve my English?

Teacher Paul: Well, that depends on what you want to improve. What do you want to focus on?

Camila: I want to be able to speak with Americans and speak English fluently.

Teacher Paul: Then you need to speak English with Americans on a regular basis.

Camila: Where can I go to do that?

Teacher Paul: Living in the United States helps immensely. You can also find people to speak with by checking out the community links on my website.

Camila: Ok, I’ll do that.

Teacher Paul: It also helps to work on pronunciation exercises if you don’t feel confident about how to pronounce words in English.

Camila: Okay, those are great ideas. Thank-you so much. See you tomorrow.

Teacher Paul: Ok, you’re welcome. Have a good day.

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