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Arriving At A US Airport

Questions asked upon arriving in the U.S.

Officer: Hi. What’s your name?
Iqbal: My name is Iqbal.

Officer: What’s the purpose of your visit?

purpose: reason

Iqbal: I’m here to visit my cousin.
Officer: How long will you be staying?
Iqbal: I’ll be here for one month.

Officer: Are you importing any alcohol, tobacco, or firearms?

firearms: guns

Iqbal: No, I’m not.
Officer: Where are you planning to travel
Iqbal: I’m going to visit my cousin. He lives in New York.

Officer: Do you have anything to declare?

declare: report

Iqbal: No, I don’t.
Officer: When are you returning to your country?
Iqbal: I’m returning in one month.
Officer: Okay, have a nice visit.
Iqbal: Thank-you.

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