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Asking Questions In The Grocery Store

Asking questions in a grocery store

(A shopper asks a grocery store worker some questions.)

Shopper: Excuse me.

This is a shopper.

Worker: Yes, can I help you?

This is a worker.

Shopper: Can you tell me how much these melons are? I don’t see a price.

Worker: They’re three dollars each.
Shopper: Oh, okay. Do you know if they’re any good?
Worker: We just got them in yesterday, but I haven’t tasted them.

Shopper: Okay, I’ll buy one and see how it is.

Worker: Let me know if they’re any good. I like melons, too.
Shopper: I will. One more question — I’m looking for Thai basil. Do you sell that here?
Worker: I’m sorry, we don’t, but you can probably find it at the farmer’s market that comes here on Thursday.

Shopper: That’s a good idea. Thanks for your help.

Worker: You’re welcome.

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