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Correct Or Incorrect Ex 1

Directions: Read each sentence or question and then circle or underline the word correct or incorrect. If it’s incorrect, write it correctly. Complete this exercise in your notebook.

Example: What day today is?  correct / incorrect

 What day is today? 

1. How many people is there?  correct / incorrect


2. He don’t need any more help.  correct / incorrect


3. What means this word?  correct / incorrect


4. It often rains in April and May.  correct / incorrect


5. She name Mary Smith.  correct / incorrect


6. How many years are you?  correct / incorrect


7. There car doesn’t today work.  correct / incorrect


8. They’re isn’t nothing in the refrigerator.  correct / incorrect


9. My shoes hurt my feet.  correct / incorrect


10. She’s walking home to school.  correct / incorrect


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