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Correct Or Incorrect Ex 2

Exercise #2

Directions: Read each sentence or question and then circle or underline the word correct or incorrect. If it’s incorrect, write it correctly. Complete this exercise in your notebook.

Example: She doesn’t working today.  correct / incorrect

 She isn’t working today.  

1. How much does he has?  correct / incorrect


2. Is very nice.  correct / incorrect


3. These pencil is no sharp.  correct / incorrect


4. The men doesn’t have hats.  correct / incorrect


5. That’s no problem.  correct / incorrect


6. Where they going?  correct / incorrect


7. Will she be late?  correct / incorrect


8. I don’t need some more apples.  correct / incorrect


9. The children is not on the playground.  correct / incorrect


10. Throw the ball from me.  correct / incorrect


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