Exercise #9 – the present tense

Directions: Read each sentence or question and then circle or underline the word correct or incorrect. If it’s incorrect, write it correctly. Complete this exercise in your notebook.

write by hand

Example: Bob is come to class every day.  correct / incorrect

   Bob comes to class every day .  

1. You drives to work.    correct / incorrect


2. He don’t know the answer.    correct / incorrect


3. When does the class starts?    correct / incorrect


4. Have you a car?  correct / incorrect


5. Where does she live?  correct / incorrect


6. It work okay.  (present tense)  correct / incorrect


7. When the bus come?  (present tense)  correct / incorrect


8. My mother no working right now.  correct / incorrect


9. My daughter wants something to drink.  correct / incorrect


10. They are needing some help.  correct / incorrect


Click here for the answers.