Lesson Three

The Present Passive

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Subject + (be) + past participle

I am + __________
We are + __________
You are + __________
You are + __________
He is + ___________
They are + __________
She is + __________
It is + __________
 * Adding the past participle after the verb "be" causes some students to believe the sentence is in the past tense, but it isn’t.

Watch this video:


Active Voice
Passive Voice
I teach English. teacher

English is taught by me.


Note: This sentence sounds a little strange. Sometimes the passive voice is not a good option.

You learn English. studentYou are taught English. student
He learns English. manHe is taught English.man
She learns English. woman talking on the phone with her teacherShe is taught English. woman talking on the phone with her teacher

Sony makes this computer.

(Can’t use "learn" for a machine–not usually.)


It‘s made by Sony. computer
We learn English.


You and I = We

We are taught English.


You and I = We

You learn English. studentsYou are taught English. students
They learn EnglishstudentsThey are taught English. students

Practice listening to the

present passive in

The Listening Lab

girl listening to music

Now try this quiz

Remember: The verb "be" indicates the verb tense. In this lesson, the verbs are in the present tense. In the next lesson, the verbs will be in the past tense.

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