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G6 Get Passive

Lesson Six

The Use of “get” in the Passive Voice

The verb “be” is often substituted with “get”

get = be

These examples use the verb “pay” as the main verb.

I get paid
I got paid
I’ll get paid
We get paid
We got paid
We’ll get paid
You get paid
You got paid
You’ll get paid
You get paid
You got paid
You’ll get paid
He gets paid
He got paid
He’ll get paid
She gets paid
She got paid
She’ll get paid
They get paid
They got paid
They’ll get paid
It gets paid
It got paid
It’ll get paid

These sentences use “get” in the passive voice:

(instead of the verb “be“)

1. He and his girlfriend are going to get married this summer.

2. When did that old building get built?

3. I got picked up by my brother at the airport.

4. The dog gets fed every morning.

5. She got hired by the company in 2003.

6. My dinner got burned.

When you use “get” to make the passive voice and the verb is negative, don’t forget to add “do” or “did” for the present tense and the past tense:

1. He gets paid on Friday. / He doesn’t get paid on Monday.

2. She got hired for that job. / She didn’t get hired until last week.

3. They get fed at noon. / They don’t get fed in the afternoon.

4. The window got fixed. / The window didn’t get fixed until I called about it.


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