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Green Level Exercise 2 ANSWERS

Exercises for the Passive Voice

Exercise #2 (ANSWERS)

Directions: Rewrite these sentences so that they are in the passive voice.  Write both sentences in your notebook.

Example: Paul helps students online.

 Students online are helped by Paul.

1. Birds build nests.

 Nests are built by birds.

2. The rain ruined the party outside.

 The party outside was ruined by the rain.

3. You can find the information online.

 The information can be found online. (It’s not necessary to include "you" in this sentence.)

4. Nidal made a lot of food for the party.

 A lot of food for the party was made by Nidal.

5. Those two men are entertaining everyone.

 Everyone is being entertained by those two men.

6. No one is following the rules.

 The rules are being followed by no one.

7. Everyone had a good time.

 A good time was had by everyone.

8. Marzia doesn’t milk the goat every morning.

 The goat isn’t milked by Marzia every morning.

9. A teenager has driven this car into the ground.

 This car has been driven into the ground by a teenager.

10. Tatiana and her family will eat the mushrooms.

 The mushrooms will be eaten by Tatiana and her family.

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