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Green Level Quiz 12 ANSWERS

Green Level Quiz #12 – was / were going to + be or get, passive voice (ANSWERS)

Part A.

Directions: Complete each statement or question in the passive voice using “was going to be” or “were going to be” + the past participle.

1. His car was going to get towed if he didn’t move it, so he parked it somewhere else. (tow)

2. The students weren’t going to be given any more time to finish their work, so they worked faster. (give — negative)

3. Ralph refused to work for that company if he was going to be forced to take a drug test. (force)

4. Sandra decided that she wasn’t going to be told what to do by anyone. (tell – negative)

5. We were going to be shown how to use the new software, but the teacher was sick. (show)

6. The game was going to be played in Minneapolis, but there was a problem with the roof. (play)

7. Where was the game going to be played? (play)

8. Was he going to be charged with a crime? (charge)

9. Were the carpets going to be cleaned before the party? (clean)

10. Wasn’t the house going to be renovated before they moved out of it? (renovate — negative)


Part B.

Directions: Complete each statement or question in the passive voice using “was going to get ” or “were going to get ” + the past participle.

1. Stewart thought he was going to get laid off, but the company saved his job. (lay off)

2. The party was going to get canceled until they found a new place to have it. (cancel)

3. When was he going to get his teeth cleaned? (clean)

4. She thought she was going to get hit by that ball, but it just missed her. (hit)

5. I thought the car was going to get fixed for a lot less money, but I was wrong. (fix)

6. Was Donna going to get her braces taken off this week? (take off)

7. Was the store going to get shut down by the city? (shut down)

8. Weren’t the apples going to get picked this afternoon? (pick — negative)

9. Wasn’t he going to get paid for doing all that work? (pay — negative)

10. Wasn’t this work going to get done a lot sooner? (do — negative)


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