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Most of these websites provide fee-based tutoring services.

Buddy School – Some free teachers. Some teachers charge a fee. There’s a very interesting collection of teachers and tutors from around the world. You can teach someone else your language, learn English, and make a little bit of money all at the same time.

Academic Help – This website can help you improve your writing. If you are having difficulty writing paragraphs and essays, this is the place to go.

TutorVista – Learn English one-on -one. This is not a free site. Prices start at $99/month.

Sylvan Learning – If you have children, this is a respected and trustworthy company.

Kaplan Tutoring – Private tutoring and online learning for kids at home. Kindergarten through eighth grade.

JukeBoxLessons – Learn any subject online, no matter where you are. Prices per lesson vary.

Khan Academy – One of the best collections of video tutorials for a wide range of subjects is here.

Or you could just use this website for free. Click here to start.


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