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English Baby – This site specializes in idioms and slang. Great video and free lessons.

Duolingo – Help the world translate websites into your native language. At the same time, this might help you improve your English. This is a very interesting idea.

Language Exchange – Find Language Exchange partners from around the world to practice and improve your language skills.

My Happy Planet – Learn other languages and share your language skills with people around the world. Free site.

Conversation Exchange – Practice English with face-to- face conversation, find a penpal, or chat in text and voice. Free site but not a lot of members so far.

Language for Exchange – This is a language exchange community which allows peopleto make contact with users from other countries and organize their ownexchanges to learn a native language.

EasyLanguageExchange – This new site matches speakers of different languages who want to practice with each other. Your perfect match is just a click away!

Busuu – This is a free online community for learning languages. Connect with native speakers worldwide. Enhance your language learning with online languages courses.


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