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Exercise #14 - questions with past tense verbs

Directions: Complete each question with the main verb and the helping verb in the past tense.

1. Where _________ you __________?

2. How long _________ the flight __________?

3. How __________ she __________ on the test?

4. Why _________ he __________ us? (negative)

5. __________ you __________ the assignment?

6. What _________ you __________?

7. When __________ she ___________ her order?

8. _________ you __________ the phone? (negative)

9. _________ the kids __________ their vegetables?

10. Who ________ they _________ for the job?


Do you want to see the answers?

Here they are:


1. Where did you go?

2. How long did the flight take?

3. How did she do on the test?

4. Why didn't he call us? (negative)

5. Did you complete the assignment?

6. What did you say?

7. When did she place her order?

8. Didn't you hear the phone? (negative)

9. Did the kids eat their vegetables?

10. Who did they hire for the job?



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