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Exercise #15 - future tense verbs

Directions: Complete each sentence or question with the main verb in the future tense. Some of these are contractions.


1. I_____ ________ to you tomorrow.

2. Where ________ the meeting _________?

3. Who ________ _________ there?

4. She_______ ________ it later.

5. They_______ _________ all the way home.

6. We_______ _________ a good time.

7. ________ you ________ here tomorrow?

8. He________ __________ his homework tomorrow.

9. It_______ ________ until next week.

10. That________ _________ $21.89, please.



Do you want to see the answers?

Here they are:



1. I'll talk to you tomorrow.

2. Where will the meeting be?

3. Who will be there?

4. She'll do it later.

5. They'll walk all the way home.

6. We'll have a good time.

7. Will you stay here tomorrow?

8. He'll finish his homework tomorrow.

9. It'll last until next week.

10. That'll be $21.89, please.


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