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Listening Lab Exercise 2 Be Present Contractions

Exercise #2 – be: present tense

Directions: Provide the missing contraction. Some verbs are negative.


Ready?   in your notebook

1. He____ not here right now.

2. They____ going to be here soon.

3. I____ leaving in a few minutes.

4. Mary____ at home today.

5. You____ a very good student.

6. The kids _______ home yet.

7. This ______ working very well.

8. John____ not in his office.

9. We____ having breakfast right now.

10. It____ snowing today.

Do you want to see the answers?

Here they are:

1. He‘s not here right now.

He’s = He is

2. They‘re going to be here soon.

They’re = They are

3. I‘m leaving in a few minutes.

I’m = I am

4. Mary‘s at home today.

Mary’s = Mary is

5. You‘re a very good student.

You’re = You are

6. The kids aren’t home yet.

aren’t = are not

7. This isn’t working very well.

isn’t = is not

8. John‘s not in his office.

John’s = John is

9. We‘re having breakfast right now.

We’re = We are

10. It‘s snowing today.

It’s = It is

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