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Do Is A Helping Verb


go + verb

Directions: Use the correct form of the verb “do” to complete each sentence or question. Some are negative.

1. What _______ she do at work? (present tense)

2. _______ you get your mail yet? (past tense)

3. I _______ like that kind of food. (present tense, negative)

4. How _______ they like the performance? (past tense)

5. How much _______ they pay for rent? (present tense)

6. _______ your family live in the United States? (present tense)

7. We ________ plant our tomatoes yet. (past tense, negative)

8. Maria _______ go shopping on Sundays. (present tense, negative)

9. The people who live across the street _______ have kids. (present tense, negative)

10. ________ ever do that again! (present tense, negative)

ANSWERS: 1. does; 2. Did; 3. don’t; 4. did; 5. do; 6. Does; 7. didn’t; 8. doesn’t; 9. don’t; 10. Don’t

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