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Exercise 10 Subjunctive Mood 1 ANSWERS

Orange Level – Exercise #10: the subjunctive mood — requests

Directions: Change each sentence to the subjunctive mood. These are all requests.

Part A. Use the word "that" to begin a clause after the verb.

Examples: I asked them to be quiet.   /  The thief told her to give him the money.

   I asked that they be quiet.  /  The thief demanded that she give him the money.

1. She asked him to fix the computer.

 She requested that he fix the computer.

2. Sandra wanted the post office to hold onto her mail.

 Sandra asked that the post office hold onto her mail.

3. The judge told the lawyer to be quiet.

 The judge insisted that the lawyer be quiet.

4. My supervisor said it would be a good idea for me to accept this new position.

 My supervisor suggested that I accept this new position.

5. "He should fix it himself," I said.

 I suggested that he fix it himself.

Part B. Change each command to a sentence that uses the subjunctive mood in the clause following the verb.

6. "Give me a refund," John told the clerk.

 John demanded that the clerk give him a refund.

7. "Could you help me move some boxes," Tom asked me.

 Tom requested that I help him move some boxes.

8. " Can you work this weekend?" Sue’s boss asked. (Sue is a woman.)

 Sue’s boss asked that she work this weekend.

9. "Stop drinking so much!" Bill’s wife told him.

 Bill’s mother demanded that he stop drinking so much.

10. "Take a vacation," our boss told us.

 Our boss insisted that we take a vacation.

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