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Exercise 11 Short Answers Tag Questions ANSWERS

Orange Level – Exercise #11: short answers and tag questions — ANSWERS

Directions: Fill in the blanks. Write your answer by hand in your notebook.

Exercise A: Short answers. Answer each question with a short answer. Pay attention to verb tenses.

A: Are you going to be here tomorrow?
B: Yes, ______ _______.

What’s the answer? As a short answer, it should be "Yes, I am."


1. Is he a good student?
  Yes, he is.

2. Are you a good student?
  Yes, I am.

3. Do you have a notebook?
  No, I don’t.

4. Does your computer work?
  Yes, it does.

5. Has he done his homework yet?
  No, he hasn’t.

6. Is the movie going to start soon?
  Yes, it is.

7. Are the chairs in the room?
  No, they aren’t.

8. Have they had anything to eat yet?
  Yes, they have.

9. Will she be coming home next weekend?
  No, she won’t.

10. Did you do well on this exercise?
  Yes, I did.

Exercise B. Finish each statment with a tag question. Tag questions (or attached questions) are answered with a negative or affirmative response.

Example: That’s an interesting painting, ______ _______?   (isn’t it)

In the question part, the verb comes before the subject, and the subject is in the form of a pronoun.


1. It’s a nice day, isn’t it?

2. She’s here today, isn’t she?

3. You’re a student, aren’t you?

4. He has his phone, doesn’t he?

5. This won’t hurt, will it?

6. The furniture was delivered, wasn’t it?

7. They didn’t do very well, did they?

8. The children haven’t been outside yet, have they?

9. We should get going, shouldn’t we?

10. I’m pretty good at this game, aren’t I?  (Yes, this is correct.)

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