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Exercise 7 Indirect Speech Questions ANSWERS

Orange Level – Exercise #7: Changing "yes-no" questions from direct speech to indirect speech (ANSWERS)

Directions: Change each question from direct speech (contained within quotation marks:  "…." ) to indirect speech.

Example: "Are you a teacher?" (a man is asking you a question)

 He asked if I was a teacher. 

1. "Are you working tomorrow?" (a woman is asking you a question)

  She asked me if I was working tomorrow.

2. "Has he ever played golf." (a man is asking a woman a question about her brother)

   He asked her if her brother had ever played golf.

3. "Do you think the car is okay?" ( a woman is asking a male mechanic a question)

 She asked the mechanic if he though the car was okay.

4. "Do you have your homework?" ( a teacher is asking her students a question)

 The teacher asked the class if they had their homeowork.

5. "Can I borrow your car?" (a female friend name Donna is asking you a question)

 Donna asked me if she could borrow my car.

6. "Will you be at home later today?" (a man is asking a female friend a question)

 He wanted to know if she would be home later today.

7. "Did the package arrive yet?" (a man is asking his assistant a question)

 He wanted to know if the package had arrived yet.

8. "Has he ever been married?" (a woman is asking a friend a question about a man)

 She wanted to know if he had ever been married.

9. "Are watermelons still on sale?" (a woman is asking a store employee a question)

 She wanted to know if watermelons were still on sale.

10. "Is anyone sitting there?" (a woman in a theater is asking you a question)

 A woman asked me if anyone was sitting there.

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