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O12 Future Conditional

Lesson Twelve

The Future Conditional

The future conditional describes something that might happen in the future with a condition. It often uses "if."


If I go to the park tomorrow, I will bring my dog.

"If I go to the park tomorrow" is in the present tense.

"I will bring my dog" is in the future tense and uses a modal verb, will. You can use other modal verbs: can, might, should, must, etc.

Notice the use of a comma (,) at the end of the first clause. The use of "if" creates a dependent clause. The order of the sentence may also be reversed:

I will bring my dog if I go to the park tomorrow.

Here are some more examples:

If Aishwarya goes to the party, she will wear this beautiful necklace.

*Notice the comma ( , )

after "party."


Pablo will be very happy if he can marry the girl he loves.


If I buy this house, I’m going to paint it a different color.



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