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O16 So And Too

Lesson Sixteen

So and Too

"So" and "too" are useful words that can make your sentences shorter but stronger. The examples here show how "so" and "too" are used with conjunctions.


I went to a movie, and my friend did, too.


I went to a movie, and so did my friend.

Pay attention to word order. "Too" goes at the end of the sentence, and "so" goes after the conjunction, then the helping verb, and then the subject.

When two situations are the same, you could write a sentence like this:

I like to eat pizza, and my children like to eat pizza.

But this is better:

I like to eat pizza, and my children do, too.


I like to eat pizza, and so do my children.

This video might help:


Here are some more examples:

He likes to cook, and she does, too.


He likes to cook, and so does she.

Bobby went swimming yesterday, and so did Tom.


Bobby went swimming yesterday, and Tom did, too.

He has gotten all wet, and she has, too.


He has gotten all wet, and so has she.


Notice that the helping verb is used in the second part of the sentence.

Now it’s time for you to practice. Be sure to pay attention to the verb tenses that are used. They have to match in both sentences. After you do this exercise, you should understand. Use the subject and the connecting word in parenthesis. Write this out by hand.

1. Mary can ride a bike, and _____________________________. (John / so)

2. You like to study English, and __________________________. (she / too)

3. They lived in Mexico a long time ago, and __________________. (I / so)

4. I have been to New York, and ___________________________. (you / so)

5. She’s a student, and __________________________________. (he / too)

6. We were late to class, and ________________________. (the teacher / so)

7. I eat lots of vegetables, and __________________________. (my kids / too)

8. My computer has a power cord, and __________________. (my printer / so)

9. Bob has finished his homework, and ____________________. (Mary / too)

10. Jerry will go to the party, and __________________________. (Sue / so)


  1. and so can John.
  2. and she does too.
  3. and so did I.
  4. and so have you.
  5. and he is too.
  6. so was the teacher.
  7. and my kids do too.
  8. so does my printer.
  9. and Mary has too.
  10. so will Sue.

Here’s a quiz for so and too

if you think you need additional practice.

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