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O9 Adverb Clauses

Lesson Nine

Adverb Clauses


Adverb clauses provide information about other parts of the sentence. They explain why, when, and under which conditions something happens.

These examples might help you undersand how adverb clauses are used:

 why: I quit my job because I didn’t like the company.

 when: Apples are picked after they ripen.

 condition: He keeps eating eggs every day even though he knows they’re high in cholesterol.

 condition: I will help you if I have time.

Adverb clauses form complex sentences, so you can also reverse the order of the clause–just use a comma (,)

If I have time, I will help you.

After they ripen, apples are picked.


Here are some examples of sentences

that use adverb clauses: 

1. She works for a florist because she loves flowers.

2. I use a wine glass whenever I drink wine.


3. He usually washes his car if it gets dirty.



In the next lesson, we’ll learn about the sequence of tenses.

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