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Orange Level Quiz 10 (ANSWERS)

Orange Level Quiz #10 – Still / Anymore (ANSWERS)

Part A. Directions: Change the word “anymore” to “still.” (10 points)

Example: He doesn’t need his medicine anymore. — He still needs his medicine.

1. She doesn’t live here anymore. / She still lives here.

2. I don’t want this anymore. / I still want this.

3. They don’t remember their old address anymore. / They still remember their old address.

4. My friend doesn’t work here anymore. / My friend still works here.

5. My wife didn’t want to keep the old couch. / My wife still wanted to keep the old couch.

6. He doesn’t want anymore help. / He still wants help.

7. You can’t go there anymore. / You can still go there.

8. We can’t find that kind of bread anymore. / We can still find that kind of bread.

9. Our old house doesn’t exist anymore. / Our old house still exists.

10. The carpet isn’t clean anymore. / The carpet is still clean.

Part B. Directions: Change the word “still” to “anymore.” (10 points)

Example: She still needs her binky. — She doesn’t need her binky anymore.

1. We still go to New York City every year. / We don’t go to New York anymore.

2. This old computer still works. / This old computer doesn’t work anymore.

3. My kids still play with their toys. / My kids don’t play with their toys anymore.

4. Do you still want to keep this? / Don’t you want to keep this anymore?

5. I can still ski. / I can’t ski anymore.

6. She still wants you to call her. / She doesn’t want you to call her anymore.

7. The sun is still up. / The sun isn’t up anymore.

8. My mother should still continue to see that doctor. / My mother shouldn’t continue to see that doctor anymore.

9. You’re still being punished. / You aren’t being punished anymore.

10. We’ll still shop at that store. / We won’t shop at that store anymore.


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