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According To

according to = this is the source for the information


 1. According to my watch, it’s 11:45.

 2. The weather tomorrow is going to be nice according to the weatherman.

 3. According to this map, we’re only 300 miles from our destination.

 4. The subway is down here according to the sign.

 5. According to the sign, it’s not safe to go on the ice.
 6. Did you make the cookies according to the recipe?
 7. It’s 57 degrees outside according to the thermometer.
8. Our sales have increased 71 percent over the last year according to this chart.
 9. According to the weathervane, the wind is blowing from the west.
 10. According to the compass, we’re headed north.
 11. According to the website, we’re studying in the Purple Level this month.
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