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among = within a group (3 or more)


 1. She’s very popular among her friends.

(among = within a group)

among friends

 2. Among their three children, one has blond hair and the other two have red hair.

 3. The cooperation among these four coworkers has improved tremendously in the last year.

 4. What are some of the differences between these two women?

(Use “between” when making comparisons with two things or two people.)

 5. What are some of the differences among these three women?

(Use “among” when making comparisons with three or more things or people. Many Americans use “between” instead of “among” in a situation such as this one. It’s not a big mistake, but it is still a mistake. )

 6. Among the poor and homeless, there are many who have mental illness that goes untreated.
 7. They enjoy walking among the trees in the forest.
8. Riding on the ferris wheel is among their favorite things to do at the state fair.
 9. There are a few strawberries among the fruit in this bowl.
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