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Because Of

 1. She continues to work as a waitress because of the great tips.

Note: “Because of” and “because” are different. “Because of” is followed by a noun; the word “because” is followed by a clause.


 2. Some people don’t like red cabbage because of the taste.

“Because of” is used to describe a reason why something is true.

 3. Antique furniture is found in many American homes because of its beauty and its value.

4. Hockey is a sport with a lot of injuries because of the fighting.

5. Because of an approaching storm, she’s going to take down her tent and go home.

 6. He keeps getting into trouble because of his violent temper

 7. Because of his strong faith in God and desire to help people, Roger decided to become a priest.

 8. I couldn’t get to sleep last night because of the baby.
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