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 1. Hundreds of people on bikes appeared at the event.
 2. There’s a box of cereal on the kitchen table.

note: It’s very hard to hear this preposition when it’s used with other words, but it’s important to know that it’s there. Many people who speak English as a second language make mistakes with "of."

 3. Here’s a gallon of milk.

 4. I’m going to have a can of soup for lunch.

 5. He’s tired of doing paperwork.

 6. He’s sick of his computer.

 7. This is an interesting work of art.
 8. They’re very fond of each other.

 9. This block has been treated and safely baited where needed as of this date.

(The city put down rat poison on 4-25-08)

The word "of" is often used with packages of food and drinks. Click on the video, or click here to see it on YouTube.
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