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 1. He brought his radio to the beach.

at the beach
 2. They have been married to each other for five years.
 3. He walks to school every day. After school he walks home.

 4. He’s listening to the ocean in this shell.

 5. George rode to town on his horse.

(note: this is different from saying "to the town." He rode to town. This is the town he lives near, and he visits it regularly.)

 6. This is the entrance to Rudolph’s house.

 7. He needs to write a letter to his aunt, but he doesn’t know what to write.

(note: the other uses of "to" are in the form of infinitives–not prepositions.)

What are infinitives? Click here and then come back.

 8. Last year we took a trip to New York.

 9. Next year we hope to go to Venice.

 10. If you walk all the way to the top of this hill, you are in very good shape.
 11. He needs to bring his cat to the vet.
 12. This student didn’t pay attention to the teacher and now he doesn’t know what to do.


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