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 1. Standing upon a skateboard requires a lot of balance.


 2. A sailboat floats upon the water and moves when the wind is blowing.

 3. There’s a crown upon his head.

4. She has a big smile upon her face.

5. Many companies require employees to punch a time clock upon arriving at work in the morning.

 6. Upon arriving at the airport, he was arrested by the police for trying to smuggle drugs into the country.

(upon = at the exact time)

 7. The Christmas season is upon us once again.

(In this example, "upon" is used to indicate the arrival of an event.)

 8. He got down upon his knees and prayed when he learned there was the chance he might lose his job.

 9. She’s depending upon her husband to help her more around the house before and after the baby arrives.


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