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1. How much does this cost?

2. What’s the price?

3. How much is that?

4. How much will that be?

5. How much will that set me back?*

6. What’s the total cost?

7. What’s that going to cost?

8. What’s that gonna cost? (gonna = going to)

Hours and Location

1. Where are you located?

2. Could you give me driving directions, please?

3. What are you close to?

4. What are you next to?

5. What time do you open?

6. What time do you close?

7. What are your hours?

8. How late are you open?


1. What’s this made of?

2. What’s the outside made of?

3. What’s on the inside?

4. What kind of material is this?

5. How long will this last?

6. Is this covered by a warranty? *

* These kinds of questions would be asked of something that is very big, such as a house or a car.

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