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P19 Run

Purple Level

Lesson Nineteen


run / ran / run / running


The verb "run" is often used when a person’s legs move faster than they do when walking, but it’s also used for managing business, traveling short distances, the flow of water, and the operation of machines and appliances.

1. The water is running. Could you turn it off, please?

2. It’s surprising to see how fast elephants can run. Many people think they are slow.

3. Elizabeth Jordan ran for the U.S. Senate in her state and she won.

4. A: Is the refrigerator running?

5. This business is run by a very small staff of dedicated employees.

(passive voice – present tense)

6. He runs a very successful business from his home.

7. The water that runs through this creek comes from the mountains.

8. He needs to run to the store to buy some milk.

9. He’s running away from the scene of a crime. The police will soon run after him.
present tense: run / runs
past tense: ran
future: will run
present continuous: am / is / are / running
past continuous: was / were running
future continuous: will be running
present perfect: has / have run
past perfect: had run
future perfect: will have run
present perfect continuous: has / have been running
past perfect continuous: had been running
future perfect continuous: will have been running
modal verbs: ______ run
past tense modal: ______ have run
infinitive: to run
gerund: running
passive: yes


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